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Jesse Thomas on Why Managing Your Energy is The Secret to Leveling Up

Today’s guest is Jesse Thomas – an elite, master coach and author who is working relentlessly to bridge the gap between science, technology and application to positively change as many lives as possible through fitness.

OMNI Sparks #23: Listen to This if You Feel Lost or Out of Balance

In episode #23 of OMNI Sparks we explore the power of having a personal, guiding philosophy that informs every decision you make as an athlete and human being. This is a powerful episode if you feel like your performance is suffering because you are disconnected from...

OMNI Sparks #22: Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired?

In episode #22 of OMNI Sparks we breakdown a simple, yet powerful framework for assessing why you might be experiencing resistance in any stage of performance and how you can zoom in, or out, of that moment to balance your energy and return to the level of performance...

OMNI Sparks #21: Listen to This if You Want More Joy and Freedom

In episode #21 of OMNI Sparks - Josh responds to one of the big questions we get from members of the OMNI Athlete community: “how do I cultivate more joy and freedom in my performance?” From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™...

OMNI Sparks #20: Finding Your Authentic Fuel and Performance

Check out this never-before-released interview with the founders of Wild Zora Foods - Josh and Zora Tabin. While neither Josh or Zora would consider themselves elite athletes, their commitment to living an authentic lifestyle congruent with their values serves as a...

OMNI Sparks #19: How to Find More Grit

In Episode #19 of OMNI Sparks - Josh shares a different path to finding the grit you need to reach your peak performance state and why love and grit work so well together. From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes Omni...


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