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Jesse Thomas on Why Managing Your Energy is The Secret to Leveling Up

Today’s guest is Jesse Thomas – an elite, master coach and author who is working relentlessly to bridge the gap between science, technology and application to positively change as many lives as possible through fitness.

OMNI Sparks #26: What Does It Mean To Be An OMNI Athlete?

In episode #26 of OMNI Sparks we put together some of our favorite answers to the final question of every podcast interview: “What does it mean to be an OMNI Athlete?” Enjoy some TRANSFORMATIONAL definitions of what it means to become the athlete our world needs!...

Episode #86: Daniel Cortez on Why You Have to Train the Human First

Today’s guest is Daniel Cortez - an elite strength, conditioning, mobility, and health coach who is on a mission to empower his clients to express their optimal humanity and be the hero of their own journey. From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and...

Episode #85: RJ Jennings on How to Embody Your Truth

Today’s guest is RJ Jennings - an experienced leader, executive coach, development consultant and Shodan black belt in Aikido who motivates his clients to move deeper into their leadership roles, and to affect sustainable change in themselves and their organization...


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