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In the third episode of Love Over Fear, Josh & Heidi dive into why labels, layers and stigmas keep you from being all in on your path to peak performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Who am I right now?”
  • “How do we see each other for where we are?”
  • “It’s all one spiritual journey.”
  • “We have to be the vulnerable one first.”
  • “We think if it’s happening over here, I can keep it contained so it doesn’t show up over there.”
  • “What does this label of ‘athlete’ mean?”
  • “Who am I when I take off all of these labels?”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • How we unconsciously create layers between us and the people around us
  • Why being present in relationship releases performance energy
  • Why we have to have both love and fear to be whole
  • How fear and love work together
  • What true vulnerability looks like
  • How your performance is affected when separation creeps in
  • Why compartmentalization is slowing you down
  • What the label of “athlete” means?
  • How labels and layers change us as we transition into different stages of life
  • Why sport is just another way for us to express what our spirit is here to understand
  • How to dive into the path that led you to separation in the first place

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