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In the second episode of Love Over Fear, Josh & Heidi dive into why building a shared pool of meaning with your teammates, coaches and community is the key to ending burnout.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “It’s less about managing their skills and more about managing the people.”
  • “Things that get held back from the shared pool of meaning are so subtle.”
  • “We’re trying to play our best, be our best and be in relationship our best.”
  • “When that exposed feeling happens it’s vulnerability.”
  • “When we get burned out from sport… a lot of times it comes from keeping stuff from the shared pool of meaning.”
  • “By not getting these things into the shared pool of meaning it burns us up inside.”
  • “If I’m an athlete and I don’t like training…that’s a problem.”
  • “The courage to take off our walls is what allows us to play free.”
  • “Have presence in the present.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • Why you need to become aware of your shared pool of meaning
  • What keeps the player-coach relationship from opening up to trust and love
  • How to share the strong feelings that come up amidst intense competition
  • Why not sharing what’s in your mind and on your heart affects your body
  • The barriers from contributing authentically to the shared pool of meaning
  • When separation occurs and how you can stop it from impeding performance
  • Why what you’re perceiving is really not what’s happening
  • What burn out actually is
  • How to expand more vulnerability in a situation and still feel safe
  • The only way to see through the walls we put up to protect ourselves
  • How to be a mindful tinkerer in sport

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