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In the first episode of Love Over Fear, Josh & Heidi dive into the role self-love plays in reaching peak performance for athletes.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “As I got more skilled, the feeling of internal drive became less.”
  • “Where is what you’re feeling coming from?”
  • “Is that a line we put there for ourselves?”
  • “That loss keeps showing up in ways we’re not even aware of.”
  • “Did I feel my heart expand when I had that conversation, or did I feel myself contract?”
  • “Why do we think we can separate athletic performance from life?”
  • “You may look around and realize this thing isn’t your thing anymore.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode:

  • What self-love means to peak performing athletes
  • How to love yourself without losing your drive
  • Why external pressures are fed by fear
  • How to identify who drew the line that drives you to be better
  • What it feels like to draw the line from your higher, authentic-self
  • What fear triggers are and why you need to understand yours
  • Why you have to be an individual and part of the whole at the same time

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  • QUESTION FROM THE EPISODE: What is self-love to you? Have you been driven by internal factors or external factors?
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