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“… you have to assert yourself to be the best, to contribute the most…”

This is the mind set of most athletes, myself included. But is this the healthiest mindset?

Sometimes we focus so much on working hard to achieve personal goals we forget about the collective mission. We assume the better we become, the better our team becomes as a result.

The best season I ever had was the year I wasn’t suppose to play. Our star goalie got injured and the team was counting on me. I had to step-up. That season, my timing was impeccable, my focus was clear. I remember making saves thinking “how in the hell did I just do that.” I had the greatest season of my life. But the next year was a different story. I was staying after practice. I was working out on my own. I thought I was doing everything right but I forgot about the team. Everything I did was to feed my own ego. I missed easy shots, I miss-read the players body language.  I was constantly in my head. Worst of all I was angry.

When we play for our ego it’s easier to let our emotions get the best of us. That’s why the most successful athletes are the ones who are mission driven.

In next weeks’ podcast, All-world lacrosse goalie and developmental performance coach, Trevor Tierney talks about what it means to be a “mission driven” athlete.

This is someone who wakes up early everyday, eats a perfect breakfast, takes care of themselves in the off-season. All with this in mind that they’re preparing themselves to be the best leaders and the best performers they can be for their team.

Becoming a mission driven athlete happens when you learn to drop your ego, your personal goals and focus on the collective. From then on everything you do is for the better of the team. You put your teammates and coaches before yourself. You stop asking “how can I get more playing time” and start asking “what can I do to help my team.”

When you start doing this I want you to really pay attention to the differences you see, not just in your game, but in your life. Does your relationship with your teammates improve? Do you still get angry after a loss? Does your stress go away faster? Are you looking forward to practice?

Stay tuned for the first episode of the Omni Athlete Podcast with Rich Walcoff and Trevor Tierney to hear more about letting go of ego, becoming mission driven and how to get in the zone.

Did any of this sound familiar? We want to hear from you.

What are some of your struggles with ego? How did you overcome them? Are all of these things you are still working on? Send us a DM on Instagram @sportsenergygroup with your story.


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