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One of the most striking things you’ll hear when you listen to Jason and Robyn talk about their journey as Omni Athletes is the power of love as a path to accessing peak performance.

They both refer to using their soul as fuel and feeling congruent with their inner life as necessary components of achieving, maintaining and exploring peak performance.

But what do those phrases actually mean for us as Omni Athletes?

How do we bring our entire mind, body and spirit to bear during our competition to achieve the performance we know we’re capable of?

If we are here – as Omni Athletes – to actively train into our peak performance state, we need actionable tools we can use RIGHT NOW.

That’s what today’s training is on.


From the lens of these two olympic athletes, how do we use the burning fire of our soul as fuel to access our peak state?


1. Be generous, compassionate and welcoming to your opponent


Robyn talks about this early on in her episode – the feeling of contraction she got when she looked at her competition with anger or fear.

Looking at his competition as someone to be dominated and destroyed was destructive to Jason as an athlete AND person. He went too far into the darkness and it consumed him.

It can be counterintuitive to us as athletes and competitors when we look at the person, team or opponent across from us as friend instead of foe – BUT we have to find that lens.

Our soul doesn’t burn brightest when stoked with anger, doubt and fear. Its power comes from unleashing our love, generosity, empathy and trust on the world around us.

Here’s how we can do that in competition:

  • We can be grateful for our competition by reminding ourselves that without their best performance, we won’t be challenged to rise to our peak. We truly need them at their best to be at our best.
  • We can embrace our effort in competition as a chance to show them our authentic selves. Like going on a first date – we want to make a strong, authentic and real first impression. It’s awkward, uncomfortable and just weird for everyone on a first date when the person you’re sitting across hides a fraction of themselves. Competition is our chance to show our opponent who we really are. We can only do that by walking into that game, match, set or run with trust and love.
  • We can remind ourselves that every competition – whether it’s the Superbowl, World Series, Championship match or just a pickup game – is merely practice for the greater game of life. It’s just practice. The words seem to go against what traditional coaching instills in us, but the truth is when we approach each moment with the view that it’s just practice we tap into our beginner’s mind. With a beginner’s mind, it’s much easier for us to see our competition as partners in our journey rather than obstacles.

2. Fall in love with the process


Both Jason and Robyn talked about this in their episodes repeatedly. The human animal is wired, neurologically, physically and spiritually to find authenticity in the pursuit rather than the achievement.

From the myelin that wraps our nerve cells to help us develop deep skill – to the endorphins that flow through our veins when we find those moments of ecstasy in our training – we are literally hardwired to fall in love with being.


“There’s too much of the human doing vs. the human being.”
– Jason Dorland


Achieving peak performance and finding the state that allows us to consistently call on our soul as fuel requires HARD WORK, PRACTICE and TIME.

The consistent theme you hear from both of these Olympic Athletes is that success comes from the process and not the achievement.

Robyn loved to run, so she fell in love with the process of running and her soul flourished.

Jason found love in the process of coaching his athletes through the transformation sport brings about in us. He loves coaching. He fell in love with the process of coaching – not the result.

We all have to find patience and honestly to fall in love with the process like they point to…

Patience to dedicate ourselves to the work even when our ego tries to pull us away.

Honesty to listen to our innate and follow its guidance when there are parts of our life out of alignment with who we authentically are (i.e. Robyn’s diet or Jason’s fuel for training).


3. Be good with who you are before you step on the field


This is the essence of what it means to be an Omni Athlete and to be part of #TOA (team omni athlete). Our value to the world and to ourselves cannot be based on the extrinsic pursuit of wins, medals, trophies and accomplishments.

Our soul burns from a place of love.


Our soul doesn’t care whether we win or lose the match, whether we took the shot, blocked the kick, made the save or caught the pass. It cares that we love ourselves.

Finding a place of self-love and self-worth that doesn’t come from the extrinsic rewards of competition is critical to accessing the state of peak performance Robyn and Jason both experienced.

You are loved. It’s as simple as that.

By breathing into that subtle, powerful belief you can unlock your soul as a source of fuel for peak performance.


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