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Have you ever had a day, a week or a month where practice feels more like a chore than an experience? Like it’s just another thing you have to do?

Even when you love a sport, somehow there are times where practice is unfulfilling.

Take a second to reflect.

What are the things that are currently fulfilling you? What would you rather be doing instead of practicing?

For me, it’s taking in new experiences and enjoying moments with other human beings.

I think we often compartmentalize different areas of our lives. Our home lives, work, practice whatever it is, we keep them separate.

When I’m having a bad day, when I’m in a rut I know that trying something new and exciting can change my mindset pretty quickly. The same goes for when I’m sharing positive experiences with others. Suddenly my bad day turns into one that’s positive and memorable.

This same practice can be applied to sports. When the different aspects of our life are fulfilling it changes everything.

So take a second and think about what truly fulfils you?

Is it helping others, being close to nature, enjoying time with your friends and family?

Now find ways to incorporate that with your practice.

When Olympic runner Robyn Meagher realized generosity and being close to nature made her feel more present, her practice became more fulfilling and even satisfying.

This week on Omni Athlete, our host Rich Walcoff sits down with Robyn Meagher to discuss how to make life and practice more fulfilling and give great insight into the different practices Robyn brings to her life.

Listen to her episode here!


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