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Today’s guest is Anna Symonds – a multiple-time national champion and all-star rugby player, a mixed martial artist and CBD educator determined to shift the cultural perspective around how we heal, grow and thrive through plant medicine. 

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Pulled Quotes

  • “You don’t achieve greatness without taking risks.”
  • “You have to choose to be brave again, and again.”
  • “You know… the soccer team was not nice.”
  • “It’s chess at a full-sprint.”
  • “I don’t know if, without using CBD and cannabis, if I would still be playing.”
  • “No matter how much you feel like you’ve worked towards something, a lot of times we have to start again.”
  • “I’ve been lucky enough to have life burned down around me a couple times.”
  • “When it comes down to it, the universe is really a great mystery to us.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • Why being brave is a choice you must repeatedly make to grow
  • How loving the process keeps your passion for competition ignited 
  • The cultural difference Anna experienced between competitive soccer and rugby
  • How CBD can help preserve your longevity as an athlete 
  • Why one of the best abilities you can have as an athlete is to go from complete rest to 100%, then back to complete rest
  • How you can chemically signal to your body that it’s time to rest and recover
  • Why learning to start again is critical to becoming the best version of yourself
  • Why playing sports is about sharing a bond with people that goes beyond words
  • What happens when you love your opponents

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