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Today’s guest is Joe De Sena – a bestselling author, endurance athlete and entrepreneur who is on a mission to get 100 million people moving and off the couch through his company Spartan.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “I just put one foot in front of the other and muscle through it.”
  • “What kept Spartans focused… and training like no one we know has ever trained was impending battles.”
  • “Human beings need somebody, they need something to hold them accountability.”
  • “Do something that will force you to live a holistic and healthy lifestyle.”
  • “If life is going to get harder, shouldn’t we practice for harder?”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • How your core values affect performance
  • What it looks like to balance your self-care with relentless effort
  • Why extreme physical exertion sharpens your focus
  • What holds elite athletes accountable and how you can leverage the same principles
  • Why you need to be connecting your mind with your body
  • How to change your frame of reference

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