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Today’s guest is Cara Bradley – The co-director of the Flow Genome Project Coaching certification, a best-selling author, host of the Embodiment @ Work summit who is on a mission to bring her 30+ years of body-mind training into the workplace to spark an engagement revolution.

From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes OMNI Athlete™, a new weekly interview show that explores the perspectives of the world’s highest achieving mind, body and spirit competitors to learn their secrets for accessing peak performance. Hosted by Josh Crist, OMNI Athlete is designed to give athletes the techniques and knowledge they need to access their peak performance state. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.

Pulled Quotes

  • “The ancient meditators and monks were their own neuroscientists.”
  • “We live in our heads, even when we move our bodies.”
  • “Our body is telling us the exact state we are in… right at this moment.”
  • “We can’t make flow happen, but we can make our system ready.”
  • “It’s a remembering. It’s a waking up to what’s already available to us.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • How to connect more deeply with your body’s natural intelligence from the neck down
  • When your physical being is most alive
  • The way to identify how much mental energy you’re using each day
  • How to prime your nervous system for optimal performance
  • The adjustments you can make based on what your body is telling you in the present moment
  • Why curiosity is critical for entering flow state
  • What to do when you need to be clear, calm, alert and at ease
  • What happens to your body when you enter a state of coherence through your breath
  • The difference between knowing and being
  • What breaks Cara’s heart and why it matters to your performance

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