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Today’s guest is Ginny Whitelaw – an academically trained biophysicist, author, Zen Master, coach and 5th degree black belt in Aikido who has dedicated her life to developing leaders.

From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes OMNI Athlete™, a new weekly interview show that explores the perspectives of the world’s highest achieving mind, body and spirit competitors to learn their secrets for accessing peak performance. Hosted by Josh Crist, OMNI Athlete is designed to give athletes the techniques and knowledge they need to access their peak performance state. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.

Pulled Quotes

  • “If you want to reach the peak of your game you have to start meditating.”
  • “Zen targets fear in a unique way.”
  • “The fear can be deeply embedded in the physical body.”
  • “If I don’t trace it, it’s going to stay there.”
  • “When things are awkward it means we’re running into ourselves.”
  • “When you make something physical you make it trainable.”
  • “Why did I make this about me?”
  • “If we’re trying to get through we might stop, if we’re trying to breakthrough we’ll keep going.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • How fear based decisions can lead to authentic development
  • Where fear is based
  • How tracing the roots of emotion uncovers our core needs
  • Why integration is the key to team cohesion
  • The power you can draw from grace
  • Why awkwardness is a sign of being in our own way
  • How deep physical training transforms your mindset
  • The four patterns in our nervous system that connect to personality
  • What impedes a leader’s ability to connect with their joy

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