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Today’s guest is Kristen Ulmer – an author, athlete, fear specialist and facilitator who was recognized by the outdoor industry as the most fearless extreme female athlete in North America during her 12 year run as the best woman big-mountain (extreme) skier in the world.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “I say we have to learn how to love our fear.”
  • “Embracing my intimacy with fear is what helped me a world class athlete.”
  • “Neurochemically, fear and excitement are the same thing.”
  • “We’ve replaced the word fear with anything else.”
  • “I love to personify fear.”
  • “When you are willing to feel an emotion it takes you into your body.”
  • “You + fear = super-you.”
  • “I was burnt out fighting a war on fear.”

Mentioned in this Episode

  • How love and fear fit together for athletes
  • Why you don’t perform very well from a place of love
  • How to cultivate an intimate relationship with fear
  • The four ways athletes typically deal with fear
  • Why what we know fear to be isn’t actually fear
  • How fear coming into your system takes you into flow state
  • The way to identify and proactively end fear shaming
  • How you can honor fear
  • What the true cause of burnout it
  • The reason why athletes learn to fight fear
  • How to know if you’re not dealing with your fear in a healthy way

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