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Today’s guest is Scott Bottorff, a former professional hockey player, professional bodybuilder and fascia specialist who has an innate desire to understand the true limits of what the human animal is capable of.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “The fascia is our architecture that gives us our shape.”
  • “We know it through our mind, but we don’t know it through our bodies.”
  • “The mind is not the body.”
  • “We have a physical body and no one cares to take it for a test drive.”
  • “I don’t think athletes understand that sometimes they might be moving from an emotion that happened years ago.”
  • “People have to start addressing the gateways of the body.”
  • “Everything is as one.”
  • “Easten cultures do physical practices every day.”
  • “They calm the body to receive present life instead of past suffering.”
  • “Your tissue is shaped like your DNA.”
  • “Health is performance.”
  • “Athletes fixate on symptomatic echoes.”
  • “When you get health, you get performance.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • What the fascia is and its role within the context of sport
  • The power of opening the body to learn instead of opening a book
  • What it feels like to embody knowledge instead of idealizing it
  • How the fascia allows us to move without actually using our muscles
  • Where trauma and past experiences are stored in your physical body
  • Why trauma can be a small moment or experience
  • The key to not reenacting old patterns of emotion and behavior
  • Why not learning to calm your body is keeping you chained to suffering
  • The reason why you need to turn down your nervous system, rather than constantly turning it up
  • How to learn the power of stretching from house pets
  • How to tell if you’re responding to symptomatic echoes, or root causes of injury
  • Why your body stays stuck in injury long after you finish your career
  • Why health is the key to becoming an open vessel and receiving life in the present moment

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