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Today’s guest is Riley Cote – a former NHL enforcer turned entrepreneur, speaker, coach, cannabis advocate and healer dedicated to paving a path forward for athletes looking to re-connect to their authentic self.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Accountability to me is… cause and effect.”
  • “Most people’s mind are their worst enemy.”
  • “I needed to detach from this lifestyle.”
  • “I believed in something bigger than myself.”
  • “I needed to make those mistakes to get where I needed to be.”
  • “If you screw around with the universe long enough, eventually it will push you around.”
  • “Train the subconscious to create what you want it to create.”
  • “At the end of the day if you’re not skilled enough as a hockey player… at least you’ll have character.”
  • “The day I retired was all about self-love.”
  • “I think you can discover who you are while you’re playing sports.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How he uses his story and communication skills to be a healer
  • The energetic effect of accountability on peak performance
  • Why you have to master your diet to reconnect to spirit
  • What to do with the powerful emotions that come with awakening and transitioning
  • How the universe pushes and pulls you whether you’re aware of it or not
  • Why fighting led to the death of his ego
  • How focusing on natural healing leads to constant growth
  • Why being patient with your own development helps your identity grow
  • The difference between what we perceive confidence looks like and what it actually is
  • How to control your destiny with your attitude
  • Why putting your stake in the ground authentically will change the course of your life
  • Why self-love is part of everything we do

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