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Today’s guest is Todd Iarussi – a former Brown University baseball player turned professionally certified coach to resilient, high-performing leaders and teams.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “I would have to say that shame was probably the predominant consciousness operating [as an athlete].”
  • “This whole world of mind and spirit was like a void.”
  • “Usually how you treat yourself is going to be related to how you treat other people.”
  • “Let’s not just talk about values, let’s actually practice them.”
  • “How do we check up on ‘this is happening’, in a way that honors what we’re trying to create here?”
  • “Committing to curiosity puts you in a beginner’s mind space.”
  • “I think the body is the most underutilized resource in leadership.”
  • “It’s not about me, it’s not about them. Let’s search for the best idea in the room.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How shame shows up in sport and sport performance
  • Why performing always felt like a struggle against his mind
  • Anger and the authentic relationship you have with yourself
  • Why the universe self-organizes around us when we cultivate clear values
  • Zen Dawn in the West
  • The role of habits in living your values
  • The tension arc of discipline and freedom
  • The power that comes with having the capacity to be in uncertainty skillfully
  • What connecting to the present moment does to injuries when they happen
  • Why he believes that the body is the most underutilized resource in leadership
  • How to bring consciousness to the data that comes to you through your body
  • The evolution of coaching consciousness
  • What inclusion in practice looks like
  • The tension of cooperation and competition

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