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Today’s guest is Marques Anderson – a former NFL safety turned social entrepreneur committed to awakening the capacities of developing communities around the world.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “We’re not separated from anything that’s come in the past, and we’re not separated from anything that will come in the future.”
  • “A lot of my biggest plays came from being in a moment where I was just able to react.”
  • “Wisdom is experience actually activated.”
  • “I was almost having out-of-body experiences on the field.”
  • “If I was excited about it, or I thought there was a challenge there that would push me forward… I wanted to be involved in that.”
  • “It wasn’t that I stopped loving the game – it was more that I couldn’t be owned by the game.”
  • “You have 90,000 – 100,000 people cheering for you, but on the field it’s silent.”
  • “When you love yourself, that is the only portal that will allow you to love someone else.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • The role of ancient wisdom in identifying your true power
  • How sports and academics can support each other
  • How to translate thought into three-dimensional form on the field
  • What Marques did to activate his wisdom on the field
  • Why meditation can condense the knowledge you build as an athlete
  • Why most coaches and general managers only see the athlete and not the whole person
  • How unconditional love unfolds on the road to peak performance
  • Why slaying your ego is the key to owning your innate wisdom
  • Why supernatural things happen when you push at the edge of your mental models
  • The balance between humility and the self-love of shining our own light

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