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Today’s guest is Dr. Damien Lafont – an author, athlete, coach, Ph.D. and former NASA researcher committed to helping athletes rediscover their passion for life and who they can become through sport.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “To love what is happening right now and the depth of the moment.”
  • “You can have a broad attention, be open to everything and be 100% focused on your task.”
  • “Spirituality in terms of having the wisdom to do the right thing.”
  • “When you start to make the energy move better… you see things start to happen.”
  • “There is no barrier between you and everything else.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How to connect sport and spirituality
  • Why accessing love helps your get in the zone
  • What discipline and open awareness have to do with peak performance
  • Why your perception of your experiences is holding you back
  • How to use your attention to tap into deeper sources of energy
  • The different pathways for processing visual information during performance
  • Why he believes there is a limitation to typical self-development and coaching
  • Where Damien starts coaching an athlete to connect with universal consciousness
  • The bridge we can build between breath and attention
  • The reason why more knowledge won’t lead to better performance

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