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Today’s guest is Catt Tripoli – a world champion bodybuilder, entrepreneur, certified clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a craniosacral and reiki practitioner.

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Pulled Quotes 

  • “You actually have so much more command over your body than you think you have.”
  • “Your body is a physical manifestation for moving the spirit about reality, so that we can experience it.”
  • “I’m trying to get the most of this workout TODAY… I’m not planning for the next one TOMORROW.”
  • “We think yelling, screaming, pushing and shoving is strength… when it’s actually the opposite. It’s fear.”
  • “Each body has a different need and want.”
  • “It’s constant curiosity about what I might be capable of.”
  • “I’ve seen so many people do things they were told they couldn’t do.”
  • “We are becoming a NEW human.”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How to introduce the spiritual aspect of body building
  • What it feels like to interpret what your body is telling you in the weight room
  • When the body tries to tell us an injury is looming
  • How to differentiate between being lazy and respecting your body’s wisdom
  • Why we’re not here to beat our body into submission
  • The difference between honor and weakness
  • Why our different bodies have different energies
  • How honor relates to stopping energy leakages in the gym
  • The fine line between fear and attention

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