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Today’s guest is Heidi McCoy – a black belt martial artist, instructor, reiki master, social entrepreneur and co-founder of OMNI Athlete.

From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes Omni Athlete™, a new weekly interview show that explores the perspectives of the world’s highest achieving mind, body and spirit competitors to learn their secrets for accessing peak performance. Hosted by Josh Crist, Omni Athlete is designed to give athletes the techniques and knowledge they need to access their peak performance state. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.

Pulled Quotes

  • “If I could do that in a sport that I didn’t even know, what would happen in a sport that I actually trained in for a long time?”
  • “It became a deepening of the practice”
  • “In that moment of pure presence there’s no self-judgment, there’s no fear of what someone else is thinking”
  • “That moment of being on the window is the epitome of love”
  • “It’s the highest vibration we can move through as a group”
  • “If you are learning to practice self-compassion and self-awareness, you’re not going to tolerate being next to someone who is constantly in fear”
  • “As an athlete, you’re making choices that are different than your peers”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How to build a life with the principle of love over fear
  • Why love and being in the zone are so interwoven
  • What it feels like to push through with flow instead of grit
  • How to tell the difference between love and fear when making decisions
  • Why it’s important to remove your armor when you’re not playing
  • The role of compassion in embracing love over fear
  • What being in heart coherence feels like in your body
  • Why injuries occur less when we train in the zone
  • The role of consistency in choosing love
  • How vibrational leadership can affect the people around you

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