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Today’s guest is Dr. John Kummrow – a doctor of physical therapy, former college football player, entrepreneur and martial artist. He’s brought his innovative, energy and kinetic chain-based approach to enhancing performance through natural movement to athletes at all levels – including the highest of the professional ranks.

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Pulled Quotes

● “The difference between a transformer and an avatar is skin”
● “Don’t part yourself out”
● “Sometimes doing your best is doing your worst”
● “Do I need to create awareness, or do I need to leave awareness alone and just be present?”
● “You see lines through leveraging change”

Mentioned in This Episode

● How to leverage the positive and negative aspects of performance
● Your chemical, mechanical and emotional triangle
● Where your resistance is coming from
● Why it’s difficult for athletes to return to the feeling of being whole
● How to access your avatar body
● The key to changing how you sequence your movement
● Why having an authentic bad day can lead to growth
● What you and Michael Jordan have in common
● How your athletic and academic identity interact throughout life
● The way you can leverage organized chaos to improve performance
● Your leverage lines

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