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Today’s guest is Chris Hammes – an ultra-endurance athlete who holds the distinction of the being the first American to cross the finish line in 2018 at one of the world’s most prestigious ultramarathons: the 106-Mile UTMB.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “You have to BELIEVE you’re going to do it”
  • “This is my choice and if I could choose anything to be doing that day, I wouldn’t choose anything else”
  • “The moment you start to have negative energy, it can translate into a negative day in the race”
  • “My first, and biggest goal, is to finish the race”
  • “If I’m healthy, and I’m out there running, what more could I ask for?”
  • “If it’s your choice, it’s a lot more enjoyable”
  • “Just because people expect you to do something doesn’t mean that’s who you have to be”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • How to leverage the desire to continuously find the next thing as an athlete
  • How to build a positive relationship with pain
  • Why confidence is a secret weapon with endurance sports
  • The difference between light and dark energy (and which to pull on when you’re low)
  • What pushing the cut-off edge can teach you about character
  • How training by yourself can unlock a deeper connection to your body
  • Why running longer distances can heal your mind

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