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Today’s guest is Ken Kushner – a priest, Zen Master, accomplished author and professor at the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Breathe with your HARA”
  • “When you are so concentrated in something, you are absorbed to such a degree that you lose the self / other boundary”
  • “You cannot wash off blood with blood”
  • “We enter the mind through the body”
  • “Hara is the point of intersection between the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human experience”
  • “The chest is the realm of fire and abdomen is the realm of water”

 Mentioned in This Episode

  • How to transition from martial arts as a physical practice, to a spiritual practice
  • Breathing with the Hara
  • How your consciousness is connected, driven and created with breathing
  • Why he does not teach mindfulness
  • The relationship between concentration and samadhi
  • The precursor to the true Zen experience
  • The relationship between spirit in action and hara
  • Thoracic breathing, diaphragmatic breathing and hara
  • Hara: The Vital Centre of Man
  • The reason why he believes flow is not something that happens to you
  • How to vibrate your body at new frequencies

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