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Today’s guest is Krystal Beachum – a standout college basketball player, masters graduate from the University of Arkansas, StartingBloc Fellow and Founder of Student Athletes Unite – an organization she founded to help collegiate athletes create business and career opportunities.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “It didn’t take you two years to become a Division 1 football player”
  • “Build relationships off of your interests”
  • “Basketball was not my only identity”
  • “Dream without limitations”

Mentioned in This Episode

  • Learning how to adapt as an athlete and entrepreneur
  • Building trust in the player-coach relationship
  • Why becoming an entrepreneur is difficult for student-athletes
  • How to focus on small wins that stack
  • Learning how to cultivate professional relationships as a student-athlete
  • Athletes feeling like superheroes
  • The secret success habits of international student athletes
  • How her performance changed as a result of passions outside her sport
  • What it feels like to be a college athlete and not be able to leverage your personal brand
  • How Deion Sanders Jr. built a personal brand as a student athlete
  • What being an Omni Athlete means to her

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