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Today’s guest is Ryan LaPlante – a former professional lacrosse goalie for the Denver Outlaws, who set the career record for wins and saves as a goalie at the University of Denver – a career that also included winning the first national championship in program history.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Don’t let the highs be too high and don’t the let the lows be too low.” [3:08]
  • “I trusted and knew that it worked.” [15:57]
  • “Some of the best goalies out there are super passionate, crazy… but also even keel.” [19:54]

Show Notes

  • Why having a mentor (Trevor Tierney) was so impactful to Ryan’s development [2:20]
  • How he used meditation and the mindfulness off the field [5:35]
  • What boundaries athletes have to draw and define [6:55]
  • Scott Ford, Trevor Tierney and Ryan’s journey with the Parallel Model Process [10:58]
  • How the speed of lacrosse changes as the levels of competition change [22:32]
  • Ryan’s fundamental skills to becoming a great lacrosse goalie [23:27]
  • Being a reactionary lacrosse goalie [25:49]

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