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Today’s guest is Dr. Kim Perkins – an organizational psychologist and executive coach who blends her adventures and research, with a deep passion for helping leaders make the changes their teams need to get to the next level of performance.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Sometimes you have to be last in order to be first” [3:55]
  • “People have to opt-in to competition to make it something that promotes excellence.” [7:12]
  • “One way to bring a team together is to keep them focused on the nastiness of the terrain rather than how it’s necessary to fight each other.” [20:30]
  • “As leaders, we think that everyone is motivated by the same things we are.” [31:32]
  • “I love that feeling of playing with gravity.” [34:50]
  • “When you hold back your resources get limited and when you give it everything, suddenly you find more to give.” [44:00]

Show Notes

  • The difference between looking at teams with a mechanical view vs. a dynamic view [0:30]
  • Leveraging a dynamic view of relating to competition [15:00]
  • Keys to building strong social bonds and psychological safety within teams [13:58]
  • Being responsive and sensing when planning [24:35]
  • How we have come to misunderstand Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs [26:10]
  • How her self-identity evolved after her career as a professional athlete [39:00]

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