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Today’s guest is Steve Young – a former NFL quarterback, Superbowl Champion, league MVP and member of the pro-football Hall-of-Fame.

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Pulled Quotes 

  • “The bigger the mountain, the more I wanted to climb it.” [11:05]
  • “I never looked down, I never looked up. I just kept climbing.” [12:25]
  • “I think they were making the space to go climb into, whereas I was making the space behind me to say don’t ever back up.” [15:55]
  • “Do you want to see how good you can get?” [27:30]
  • “There’s nothing cheaper than watching someone under pressure make an excuse.” [36:50]
  • “Human beings do not respond to mitigation, they respond to accountability.” [42:35]

Show Notes

  • Where Steve’s confidence as a professional quarterback came from [1:00]
  • How Grit allowed him to climb out of being 8th on the depth chart at BYU [3:00]
  • What drove him to continue learning and competing [5:50]
  • The mindfulness of mastery and becoming great [9:40]
  • Why he sees the fear of failure and the pursuit of success as the same thing [14:40]
  • How he grew through playing behind one of the best ever [19:15]
  • What allowed him to climb out of his pit of despair [22:10]
  • Bill Walsh’s impact on his development and growth [30:50]

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