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Today’s guest is Jon Root – a former Olympic Beach Volleyball player and a member of the Stanford athletics hall of fame, who sees life as the ultimate spiritual sport.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Life the spiritual sport became an operating paradigm for me.” [4:18]
  • “The younger age groups are not exposed to enduring a challenge to a satisfactory growth point.”[8:20]
  • “There is a transcendental component to performance.” [23:03]
  • “Heart based and heart spaced action only.” [36:36]

Show Notes

  • Where Jon’s philosophy was shaped [2:30]
  • The challenge of making esoteric principles tangible for athletes [5:27]
  • How to understand when you’ve endured too long, or not long enough [9:11]
  • Mapping the skills gained in sport to life in general [13:27]
  • Performing from the heart [16:49]
  • Creativity within sport [24:46]
  • Building trust and communication in teams [28:29]
  • Food, consciousness and sports performance [30:43]

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