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He has honed his own consciousness and holistic athletic performance through a lifelong dedication to the martial arts including intensive meditation training in Nepal, training with professional MMA fighters in Thailand, and a stop in China to learn from the ultimate practitioners of harmonious superhuman expression, 34th generation Shaolin Monks. He has distilled that wisdom and experience, drawing on modalities ranging from neurolinguistic programming to astral projection, hardcore sports psychology and so much more into practical pieces of training for athletes to quiet their minds and perform at their best. It is my pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete, the Zen athlete, and mental training catalyst, Matt Belair.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

What sparked the desire for Matt to delve into such a wide array of training modalities (2:29).

The incredible power of visualization (5:31).

“Although I’m an athlete, although I’m a martial artist, although I’m a snowboarder, a podcast host, these are just ways of me expressing being human. None of those are actually who I am.”

Identifying the person underneath the many masks we wear as athletes and humans (8:19).

The role of self-love in sport (12:40).

Gregg Braden’s Universal Fears:

  1. Abandonment or Separation
  2. Not Being Good Enough
  3. Surrender and Trust

What’s allowed Matt to compete from a place of pure joy, and how he coaches his athletes to find that place as well (16:30).

The sensations that occurred in the presence of 34th generation Shaolin Monks (20:55).

“Becoming superhuman is not complicated… what is required is extraordinary discipline.”

How to coach athletes to live in the moment and experience joy, but also maintain a vision of the competitor they want to be in the future (23:55).

Self-expression and art through athletic performance (26:50).

The parallels between quantum particle theory, martial arts training, and meditation (31:12).

“I imagine how I can serve, and I think that’s a really fundamental piece in bringing consciousness into sport. It’s not what can I get; it’s what can I give? How can I make a positive impact?”

The layers of intelligence that allow us to recognize that love is not a thing; it’s a source of power (34:51).

Confronting the shadow self to break through the boundaries we experience both in sport and in life (40:10).

Acknowledging the notion of personal development through sport on a level deep enough to affect athletic performance (43:15).

Phil Jackson – 11 Rings: The Soul of Success

“The body is this multidimensional spaceship with extraordinary abilities. When you go to sleep, you don’t have to think about breathing. When you cut yourself, the body heals itself.”

Sport as a vehicle for accessing levels of consciousness and intelligence not readily accessible in everyday life (49:25).

What it means to Matt to be an Omni Athlete (55:14).





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