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As a scholarship baseball player at the University of Vermont, his focus on personalizing performance and the outcome rather than the process led to a disappointing career the forced him to recognize the value of training the mental game. That fuel – to make sure every athlete and coach in the world train their minds just like their bodies – is what rushes through every ounce of coaching, speaking and training that he does today.

It is our pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete, Brian Cain.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

The idea of managing the present athlete and the future athlete simultaneously (2:42).

“As an athlete, as a performer, and as a human being, you have to have two visions. You have to have what I call telescope vision which is when you’re looking really far into the future and saying, ‘Where do I want to go?’ but then you have to reverse engineer or simply pull that back pull that back into the microscope and say, ‘What do I need to do right now to help me get where I wanna go?'”

Where to start when coaching an athlete; the ten pillars of peak performance (4:25).

Coaching players to navigate the process of stepping into the uncomfortable territory of introspection (8:24).

The first steps for entering the mental training space (12:56).

“There are two types of experience. There are what we call expensive experience and inexpensive experience. Expensive experience is, ‘I make the mistakes myself, and then I learn.’ Inexpensive experience is, ‘I have a mentor who’s made a ton of mistakes, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes and had a ton of teams that lost.’ For every team we talk about that wins a championship and every guy that gets drafted there’s ten that didn’t.”

Brian’s journey to becoming a renowned peak mental performance coach to athletes, coaches and, executives (15:45).

The athletic success that we can experience without training our minds (21:49).


Bridging the gap between hard work, grit, & determination and the joy that they can bring (26:15).

What being an Omni Athlete means to Brian (32:55).





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