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Today We’ll be Talking About:

The role of love in athletic performance (2:08).

The implications of being a leader and at the same time being flawed (4:56).

“Now if I’m a coach, my job is to center myself out of that defensive state into a state of healthy response and to invite the person I’m working with back into a growth hierarchy.”

Emotional and psychological safety as it pertains to the Omni Athlete (10:13).

What shame & disgust looks like in the framework of the athletic experience (15:33).

“The parasympathetic shame emotion causes you to lose energy, lose strength, look down, your muscles up here get weak… It’s a disaster for an athlete to enter a shame state.”

An example of what it might look like to shift from disgust to engagement (19:30).

The challenge inherent in the duality of focus on the physical realm and cultivating an awareness of the inner mind (22:57).

“You can’t regulate stuff that you can’t be aware of. That’s why we practice mindfulness. That’s why everybody teaches it.”

Avoidance of the bully archetype & the victim archetype (27:04).

The relationship between love and grit (32:12).

Shattering the perception of love as a feminine emotion and point of weakness for athletes (36:07).

If we don’t embrace truth, we are manipulatable (39:35).

“In sports, deeper truth translates into success; it translates into achievement.”

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What it means to Keith to be an Omni Athlete (47:04).



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