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Today We’ll be Talking About:

What is contributing to the shift in focus towards coaching athletes as they transition from being an athlete to the next part of their life (2:15).

Why we as a society idolize elite athletes (3:42).

Sports as a distraction from everyday life (5:31).

What’s happening to the identity of the athlete when a culture surrounds them with such high expectations (7:18).

“They’re pinning their happiness on making it to this particular level, and then they get there, and they’re still unhappy.”

The emptiness an athlete feels after competing at a high level for years and then making the decision to retire (9:06).

The power an athlete has to shape conversations (9:53).

Where Stuart begins with athletes making the transition to retirement (11:15).

‘When the average person wakes up in the morning we just kind of get up and go; we do whatever there is to do. We don’t lay out our day.”

Self-care for transitioning athletes (14:29).

“Self-care is hugely important to the whole process because it’s essentially self-love.”

How to help someone to find their true identity (8:13).

Separating identity from life path (20:40).

The role sport plays in helping us to attain fulfillment (22:04).

The emotional baggage that can weigh an athlete down (27:57).

“You’re focusing on what you just did not what you’re going to do.”

The body language and environmental cues that can indicate an athlete’s baggage (30:24).

How to better train our intuition (31:27).

Motivators that push athletes to compete for the wrong reasons (36:10).

Processing the emotions brought on by beginning to understand the personal motivations that drive competitors (38:28).

Digging past the surface level of the body/mind connection (41:33).

What it means to Stuart to be an Omni Athlete (44:15).

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