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Today We’ll be Talking About:

What competition has meant to B.J. as an athlete and as she’s transitioned out fo her career as an athlete, what it means to her now (2:40).

“To me, competition is really about the team you surround yourself with and the way that you work together to help elevate [you]”

The perception that individual sports lack a sense of team camaraderie (4:55).

How B.J. struggled with negative self-narrative, and what she did to get out of her head (11:26).

“I was really scared that  I might find something that might change who I know myself to be.”

The shift in mental balance that came from winning a gold medal in the Olympics (14:29).

The difficulty that comes from failure in the context of life-consuming goals (17:45).

The motivating forces that inspired B.J. to continue on and try out for the Olympic games in Sydney (20:12).

“I was so gunshy. I just couldn’t say, ‘I’m going to put all my eggs in that basket.’ again.”

Keeping perspective by parsing out big goals into smaller ones (24:12).

Cultivating the idea of parallels between competition in sport and achieving goals in life (26:24).

“Focus on doing the things right and learning your new job, cause you’re going to start at the bottom, which is also a really hard thing to wrap your head around. You were the best in the world, and nobody cares.”

Taking for granted the principles that make competition vital to life for an athlete (30:56).

How to deal with the struggles associated with the coach/athlete relationship (34:36).

The role of a coach in a young athlete’s life (36:36).

The dichotomy of being coachable vs. growing as a human being (39:56).

“As an athlete, we’re taught to never give up. Just one more practice. You’re only as good as your next meet.”

What it means to B.J. to be an Omni Athlete (45:12).

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