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Today We’ll be Talking About:

The wisdom of the body (2:25).

How Jennifer’s traumatic experience, especially the first few moments afterwards, helped frame the lens through which she views the world (5:18).

“I knew when I was laying in that hospital bed, because I was the worst one injured, that I didn’t have to take care of anybody else. It was like, ‘Oh! I got this! If this is the worst everybody is, we’re cool… this is not life-ending.”

The value of setting goals both in our lives and in athletics (10:11).

“What do you want in your life? How do you want your life to look? It’s yours’ to design. No one else is going to put the picture up for you.”

Defining Integrative Rehabilitation Specialist (13:37).

The patterns an Integrative Rehabilitation Specialist can recognize that can help an athlete break through mental and physical barriers (17:00).

How too help an athlete achieve alignment of body, mind, and spirit (21:00).

“The mind has these graces, and also these challenges of forgetting, denial, repression, doubt. Our bodies don’t have any of that. Our bodies remember everything. It knows it’s limitations.”

When Jennifer felt the power of asking hard emotional questions of herself and what it felt like when she did (24:00).

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The role of safety in being able to attain a peak performance state (28:07).

“And so safety is the matter of trusting yourself and the opportunity  to sit quietly with all of your emotions and know that you are strong enough and capable of holding them all.”

The things that Jennifer coaches her clients on when she can tell that creating safety in an internal sense would allow them to take a step forward (20:54).

“What’s beautiful about the body is it brings something very tangible to an ambiguous conversation. Emotions are so different for everyone.”

Why mindfulness matters to an athlete or coach (33:17).

What we can do to bring a mindful presence into our lives more readily and consistently (35:12).

How athletes can translate the wisdom they develop in the moment of competition to everyday life (38:10).

“Instead of tuning into what’s happening around you, tune into what’s happening inside you because it will change it. It will change your workout.”

The difference between ritual and routine (42:47).

Finding the ‘why’ in training and competing as a vehicle toward peak performance (45:18).

The OMPowered athlete (46:45).

What it means to Jennifer to be an Omni Athlete (48:20)

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