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Today We’ll be Talking About:

What it means to be a warrior in Dan’s eyes (2:13).

“We often find it easier to understand by using metaphors, and sport can be a master metaphor.”

The translating moments of total clarity from the field of competition to everyday life (4:16).

“I do not suggest people dedicate their life to their sport, but rather dedicate their sport to their life.”

Finding a mentor who can both challenge and captivate (9:40).

“If we rely on just one person we only get one perspective. Just like people get second and third opinions in medicine sometimes, that can be the case in coaching.”

Dan’s journey from NCAA athlete & World Champion to renowned sports mentor, and how that’s shaped his view of athletics and coaching (14:38).

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The power of finding personal value outside of sport and how to cultivate that value in everyday life (22:34).

“It really is dangerous and unfortunate when people put their sense of self in how well they do in competition if they’re an athlete and how much money they make in business as a businessperson.”

How an athlete can step foot for the first time into a yoga practice and achieve the most productive results possible (28:05).  

What it means to Dan to be an Omni Athlete (31:07).

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