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Today We’ll be Talking About:

What life was like for Cara as a professional rollerblader (3:00).

The journey to finding the flow state and how Cara channeled that energy in her skating and rollerblading (5:06).

“I think that as children we have flow experience all the time but we’re not talking about it, right? We’re just playing.”

The characteristics of the mind and body that prevent athletes from being able to achieve flow state (9:25).

“I think many of us and many of the athletes I work with are so stuck in our heads that we’re not able to access the intelligence of our bodies.”

The layers of athletic experience and peak performance (12:27).

“There’s so much nuance as an elite athlete that we are sensitive to. If we can recognize that, that when we are so fully engaged and dropped into our body, we are lit up. This is the sense of being fully alive. It’s the sense of being in flow.”

Mental strength and conditioning through a framework of filter and focus (16:00).

The phenomenon of time slowing down (19:35).

“There’s no way for me to really take a hard look at myself if my mind is speedy, frenetic and frantic. When I teach, especially if I’m teaching in the corporate environment, I usually go in with this snowglobe. I’ve got this great snowglobe, and I just hold the snow globe for like an hour when I’m talking, and every so often I’ll shake the snowglobe and I’ll just hold it as a prop to help people get how busy our minds are.”

What sparked Cara’s journey towards not just understanding the mind, but achieving the ability to bring emotions, ideas, and concepts into a three-dimensional reality (24:30).

How to speak, not to the mind, but to the body (27:38).

“When I’m moving a room of 30 people in yoga class, I’m looking at feet, legs, arms, shoulders, necks, spines, hips… I’m speaking directly to those body parts to move them… The more we can speak to the nervous system of the people that we’re coaching, and less to the mind, the more it’s going to be an embodied cognition as opposed to something that has to be thought about.”

Phil Jackson & George Mumford’s mindfulness methodology (33:50).

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Why body intelligence is significant in realms beyond sports (37:53).

The ability to pull away from the flood of data in your head, step back and feel what the environment is telling you (41:08).

“We can train ourselves to become more sensitive to exactly what’s happening in the moment.”

The idea of sensations as a form of language (45:06).

What it means to Cara to be an Omni Athlete (53:40).

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