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Today We’ll be Talking About:

Replacing a coach who is looked at by some as the greatest tennis coach of all-time in Jim Schwitters (2:22).

The core values that John brought with him to Hawaii and how they’ve changed during his tenure (3:30).

“I was told, ‘You can’t compete with no scholarships without cheating,’ and I won’t cheat. There’s no shortcut.”

The most significant component of building a winning mindset (5:50).

“Everyone’s got God-given talent, and there are no two athletes in any sport that play the same.”

What got John started in martial arts and why he chose Jiu-Jitsu (9:00).

The Art of Winning (12:55).

“The art of winning is looking for the solution and doing what you should be doing. Fear will inhibit you mentally and physically.”

How discipline plays a role in overcoming fear (16:32).

“If you’re not training for the fastest technique, you’re in trouble.”

The hardest part of letting go of the ego (20:03).

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An environment conducive to learning (27:35).

“An environment conducive to learning is an environment where you’re encouraged to do the right thing. You’re gonna fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not learning.”

What tennis and sports can teach us about life (33:39).

“If you don’t have integrity, you don’t have anything… you can’t kid yourself.”

The purpose of a coach, leader and athlete and what identifying that purpose has to do with peak performance (40:00).

What it means to John to be an Omni Athlete (55:00).


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