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Today We’ll be Talking About:

Beyond SABER Metrics and performance technology; the next level of sports performance training (1:55).

Immersive Training Technology (3:36)

“The biggest difference between the immersive experience that a flight simulator provides, which is similar to what our technology provides, is the retention rate of what you’re learning is so much higher…”

How STRIVR takes watching film to a whole new level to enhance the learning experience (5:25).

“If things aren’t going well on the football field, we’ve found that the game doesn’t get too fast for the players that we train with… we’re providing a vantage point of the position that the player is playing in in a game.”

What STRIVR does from a nuts & bolts perspective (7:25).

“We’ve really tried to listen to players [and] coaches over the last three-plus years to make our product the best it can be.”

Case Keenum’s move from journeyman quarterback to the NFC Championship with help from STRIVR (9:58).

How Trent developed an ability to manage his emotions and stay calm as an NFL quarterback (11:55).

The crucial components to achieving an emotional and mental state conducive to performing as a signal-caller at the highest level (13:35).

“Especially at the quarterback position, you have to have trust not only in yourself but the guys around you. You watch LeBron James play, or you watch Clayton Kershaw throw; for the most part, individually, they can take over games and dominate. I don’t think the Tom Bradys and the Drew Breeses can dominate in the same fashion that those guys can in those sports without a wide receiver catching the ball or a left tackle blocking for them…”

Getting the most out of the players around you in the NFL (17:23).

What the gameday experience was like for Trent Edwards (19:45).

The importance of finding and sustaining a rhythm (21:25).

“If you have guys around you that you can trust, that can say to you, ‘Trent, shake it off. Let’s move on to the next play.’ or a coach that can say that to you, call the right play and know, ‘Trent likes this call when things aren’t going well.’… It’s such a team sport [that] you can get out of those scenarios of helpless feelings by having the right people and the right pieces around you.”

Sometimes great athletes don’t make great coaches (23:00).

How Trent Edwards became one of the most highly recruited and thought of athletes in the country coming out of high school (24:17).

The way Trent looks at the new lens through which the decision of letting children play football is viewed (27:00).

“I like to think that there are so many things that the sport of football provides to a man that you can’t find in any other sport.”

Life lessons Trent learned from football (28:35).

Dealing with adversity (31:00).

“Don’t ever let ’em see you hurt.”

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Specialization vs. differentiation as a young athlete (37:10).

How Trent stayed active and positive in his life after football (39:50).

“You’re so used to the routines and the regimens, the highs and the lows… the locker room after the wins that once that’s all taken away, what’s left? What’s left is not always what people think it is. You really have to rewire yourself [and] rethink how you approach certain things.”

The challenge of compartmentalizing the violent nature of the NFL (42:10).

What it was like for Trent to achieve and sustain the flow state within which the game slows down (44:45).

“I’m a big fundamentals guy myself, and I look at other quarterbacks and even other golfers that have good fundamentals; if you’re setting yourself up for success with proper fundamentals, you’re giving yourself more of an opportunity to have those highs that you’re describing and stay in there a lot longer.”

“Champions don’t do extraordinary things, they do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.” – Tony Dungy

How Trent’s experience helped him and his team develop STRIVR to help athletes translate great practice habits into excellent gameday performance (50:38).

Simulating the gameday atmosphere with STRIVR (52:32).

What it means to Trent to be an Omni Athlete (54:03).


2018 Sports Energy and Consciousness Festival Code: OmniAthlete for 20% Off Tickets




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