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Today’s guest is…
An elite athlete and former pro hockey enforcer who’s soul literally had to rise, reconnect and unwind from the proverbial shackles of a destructive existence that brought him to the edge of taking his own life multiple times.
While his original desire to fight manifested itself as learning to box just to avoid getting beat up at school, he soon learned that fighting on the ice might be his ticket to the NHL, when as a 16 year-old he challenged a twenty year-old player and quickly got noticed by his coaches and peers.
He would go on to fight over 200 times during his career on the ice and eventually became captain of the Kelowna Rockets.
Fans, announcers and coaches characterized him as tough, gritty, resilient, fierce and courageous. One of his fights has been viewed as much as some TED Talks – well over 140,000 times!
HE – was plagued by depression, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts from the repeated mental, emotional and physical trauma.
Were it not for the tragic deaths of three well known hockey enforcers Rick Rypien, Wade Belak and Derek Boogard that helped point him towards the growing research on CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), AND the powerful experiences he went through with the help of ayahuasca – he might not be with us today.
Fortunately – our guest found a path through his dark night of the soul and emerged having touched the collective consciousness of our One Mind, returning to this plane awakened to the love and connection we all share.
Now he’s on a mission to share his experience and the expansiveness we can tap into as athletes (and human beings) through meditation, yoga and his coaching of athletes going through similar struggles.
It’s our pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete – James McEwen. Welcome to the show James!

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  • ‘’We are all connected.’’ [17:00]
  • ‘’Our thoughts, our words, our action all have an effect on consciousness and reality.’’ [17:20]
  • ‘’The mind is like a monkey-mind until we can realize the mind is not our master.’’ [21:28]
  • ‘’Using the mind as a tool is key to success in any field.’’ [23:38]
  • ‘’Some of the most spiritual people don’t even know they’re spiritual.’’ [28:37]
  • ‘’Our sports, our art, our reflection of the society is a reflection of our consciousness.’’[33:36]
  • ’’Every cell has a function and every cell has consciousness.’’ [36:00]
  • ‘’Pain is a teacher.’’ [38:29]


  • Discussion on how fighting is brutal as it causes physical and mental devastation. [2:48]
  • The long journey of James’ belief system since the hockey days up to now. [5:39]
  • Several factors that prompted James to self-reflect. [12:03]
  • Thoughts through his head when he felt like he was punching himself on the face. [16:00]
  • What impact does self-talk have to ourselves and other people? [20:02]
  • The process of coaching and mentoring young athletes. [23:43]
  • When doing something in its purest form, we’re so interconnected. But why is it so easy to be disconnected? [27:16]
  • How powerful is it for athletes to understand the deep idea of semantic awareness? [31:12]
  • James’ exceptional body transformation through this entire process. [33:58]
  • What’s your current relationship to pain? [38:28]
  • A lot of athletes have the desire to numb pain because of the emotional and mental connection they have to pain. Why is this? [39:35]
  • The experience with Iowaska and how that played into the journey. [44:35]
  • How has your body reflected the shedding of emotional blocks? [50:03]
  • What does it mean to be an Omni Athlete? [57:08]





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