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He has deployed this innovative approach to communication AND learning with some of the most demanding clients imaginable, including ten #1 overall draft picks, fifty plus 1st round NBA, NFL and NHL draft picks, high profile corporations and military organizations.

As an actor he was featured in such ridiculously beloved movies like “American Pie 2,” and one of our personal favorites “Space Jam,” as well as hit shows like “Will & Grace,” “Dharma & Greg” and “Married with Children” just to name a few.

What strikes you the most though, as you enter his world, is not how much he’s accomplished, the ESPN specials he’s in or the 100,000 plus views his Tedx Talk has racked up…

It’s the ability he has to invite laughter and vulnerability into some of the rooms in sports that need it the most with games like “Expert Speaker,” “Red Light/Green Light” and “By The Numbers.”

Welcome to Omni Athlete – Steve Shenbaum!



  • ‘’Without wisdom, there is tremendous danger in the word ‘relentless’.’’ [13:13]
  • ‘’Be vulnerable enough to get feedback.’’ [26:07]
  • ‘’You can say no in a way that is very loving and encouraging without being fake and cheesy.’’ [30:00]
  • ‘’No one is a lighthouse.’’ [38:48]
  • ‘’Laughter is about celebrating one another, is about joy, smiling, being self-deprecating, and not taking everything seriously.’’ [44:47]


  • How do we integrate trust in locker rooms and coach-player dynamic? [4:12]
  • How challenging is it to communicate to a new crowd while disregarding your achievements? [6:26]
  • The art of being vulnerable. [8:30]
  • Why defining language is critical. [11:20]
  • Importance of taking time to rest. [13:54]
  • How do you define responsibility as a coach? [16:08]
  • How coaches’ responsibility challenges their ability to recognize what they have control over or not. [19:15]
  • When the shift happened for Steve. [23:44]
  • Shifting your mindset on how you interpret the word NO. [26:18]
  • Tone is key when delivering a NO. [28:54]
  • Ways to translate language to different audiences. [30:54]
  • How to compete without leading yourself to exhaustion. [32:48]
  • The MILE curriculum and the thought process behind it. [34:59]
  • What exactly prompted Steve to start the Mile curriculum. [37:50]
  • Why isn’t laughter consciously cultivated in sports? [42:32]
  • What Omni athlete means to Steve. [48:10]




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