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  • ‘’Athletes that have the most resilience are the freshman.’’ (6:54)
  • ‘’Leadership and character training leads to performance on the field.’’ (8:10)
  • ‘’There is value in understanding the difference between the process and the outcome.’’ (25:25)
  • ‘’The journey is more valuable and memorable than the outcome.’’ (28:45)
  • ‘’To love and respect your competition doesn’t mean you’re not going to go hard against them in our field of completion.’’ (36:01)
  • ‘’Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’’ (41:05)


  • Thesis study on developmental maturity, resilience capacity and alcohol use in college student-athletes. (2:30)
  • Discussion on resilience development in athletes outside the field. (5:24)
  • Steps or actions that can be taken to ensure college and high school athletes continue to be more resilient in sports. (9:29)
  • How to shift athlete’s way of thinking about their role models, sports and beyond. (12:37)
  • Different developmental stages and how coaches can use this acknowledge to help their athletes grow. (16:37)
  • Discussion mission and or self-authored athletes and leaders. (21:23)
  • How to balance the process of skill development and goal achievement. (26:10)
  • How to develop self-awareness, flow, and healthy ego. (29:25)
  • How to balance control and letting go in sports. (31:30)
  • Can competition be a path to flow? (34:33)
  • How to incorporate respect and compassion in competitive sport. (37:07)
  • How Trevor Tierney transitioned out of sport into what he’s doing now. (39:40)
  • What triggered Trevor Tierney’s shift. (42:28)
  • What Omni athlete means to Trevor Tierney (45:25)




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