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From the creators of the groundbreaking Sports, Energy and Consciousness Festival™ comes Omni Athlete™, a new weekly interview show that explores the perspectives of the world’s highest achieving mind, body and spirit competitors to learn their secrets for accessing peak performance. Co-hosted by Rich Walcoff and Josh Crist, Omni Athlete is designed to give athletes the techniques and knowledge they need to access their peak performance state. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.


Pulled Quotes

  • “The question isn’t, does it work? It’s – is that the best way?” [6:30]
  • “We expand the boundaries of our reality significantly every time we go up in stage development.” [21:41]
  • “Every possible path we could take through life is a possible path to enlightenment.” [26:31]
  • “When you’re visualizing, you’re operating on a non-physical plane.” [31:03]

Show Notes

  • How athletes can begin to poke holes in their own belief system [4:47]
  • The shift in coaching when we think about emotions as cues to look at belief systems [12:51]
  • The true meaning of a growth mindset in sport [18:03]
  • The difference between states of performance and stages of performance [19:55]
  • The true responsibility of coaching [26:10]
  • How to introduce the topic of spirituality and consciousness to young athletes [29:48] ● Bringing awareness to the present moment [36:45]

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* Correction from the introduction that Josh put together for Justin. Regarding the UN, Justin didn’t do consulting for them specifically but rather was invited to speak there as part of the Nexus event: with his business partner Jackie. 



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