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Pulled Quotes

  • “I do things forever. I don’t quit. I just keep going.” [1:30]
  • “The map is not the territory.” [5:15]
  • “If someone else has done it, why isn’t it possible for you to do it?” [5:40]
  • “The secret to winning is winning ahead of time.” [6:35]
  • “I don’t bring my body into my suffering.” [10:15]
  • “If you say something, do it.” [11:35]
  • “I try to see myself in other people.” [15:45]
  • “If you let your body just do it, it’s amazing what it does.” [26:45]
  • “I’m letting my body do the walking through life.” [27:20]
  • “You have to find what feels good to you and make it your own.” [32:50]


Show Notes

  • How Frank cultivated emotional intelligence and self awareness [2:35]
  • The first step in truly believing you can accomplish your goals [5:40]
  • Building character armor [7:15]
  • The power of language to shape experience and reality [8:50]
  • The power of “spring cleaning of friends” [12:50]
  • Balancing the dynamic of self-love and striving for greatness [15:35]
  • How Frank found balance and authenticity by cultivating his skill in archery and the harmonica [22:10]
  • The positive impact of not accomplishing your goals on performance [30:10]
  • What sports, energy and consciousness means to Frank [33:05]
  • The impact of conserving energy on performance for peak athletes [36:45]


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