Why Lucky Land Casino Cut Off The Number Of Slots?

My friend Carl and I were in the second year of playing at a state-of-the-art Casino in a place called the Lucky Land Casino. While we were there, we saw how Vegas is different but the same and how its business model is different.

lucky land casino

The Lucky Land Casino attracts many tourists from many countries all over the world, many of whom are from America. However, even after such a successful first year, the management of the casino decided to take another decision that was not good for the casino or the visitors: they have suddenly reduced the number of slots by half!

They left the slots empty during their grand opening when it is not the best time to run such an operation as the slot machines are not so popular. And when they had planned for such a thing, there was still a chance to get this program cancelled.

So they are taking the gamble on the fact that after the first year of operation, the tourists will get used to this casino. And many of them already know how casinos work. They prefer slots and tables over these types of games.

So Lucky Land Casino has chosen the wrong option. People who love casinos will not go there after the first year, even if the management tries to save themselves the cost. After all, the visitor is the boss and the casino must play to win every visitor that visits the casino.

That is why casinos have to offer good customer service and entertainment at the same time. If they have to take the risk of having fewer slots and tables in the first year, then they should be prepared to take the risk of a smaller casino room and having a smaller casino.

And here comes the downside of going to the Lucky Land Casino. There is no room to make any adjustments or changes in their business plan because they are planning on keeping the same idea, but of course, it is more expensive and they need to lower the costs of their operations.

It is obvious that the luckiest people on the planet will always have the best luck. And then again, the casino business and the owner, the lucky casino owner must keep it this way. But of course, the customers and the employees must work together to produce the best luck.

While it is interesting to see how the Lucky Land Casino performs in the first year, it is dangerous to get attached to the casino. It is the customers and the casino staff that are at stake, not the casino itself. It is also unfortunate that they planned to cover up the slots with less money by reducing the number of slots.

And, a casino that does not have the customers’ interests at heart, then they are not a casino at all. Like the casino in Las Vegas, Lucky Land Casino has to plan to have the future when it does have luck.

So, there is no need to blame Lucky Land Casino for doing what they did. Instead, we should understand what the casino must do to improve its product.