Show Notes


Today’s guest is a number one international bestselling author who is one of the preeminent peak mental performance coaches on the planet. His training has produced more than 60 first round draft picks across the NFL, MLB, NHB, and NHL. He boasts elite college athletic programs like the University of Michigan, LSU, USC and Florida State as championship clients. He’s been featured in world-renowned sports publications like ESPN, Fox Sports, Men’s Health, and Yahoo! Sports to name a few.

Perhaps even more impressive than the laundry list of championship programs, world-class performers, professional athletes, and organizations for whom he has produced remarkably fast results, is that the drive fueling his mission of empowering athletes and coaches to train their mental game, comes from having experienced the disappointment and regret of not having built his own psychological training muscles.

As a scholarship baseball player at the University of Vermont, his focus on personalizing performance and the outcome rather than the process led to a disappointing career the forced him to recognize the value of training the mental game. That fuel – to make sure every athlete and coach in the world train their minds just like their bodies – is what rushes through every ounce of coaching, speaking and training that he does today.

It is our pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete, Brian Cain.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

The idea of managing the present athlete and the future athlete simultaneously (2:42).

“As an athlete, as a performer, and as a human being, you have to have two visions. You have to have what I call telescope vision which is when you’re looking really far into the future and saying, ‘Where do I want to go?’ but then you have to reverse engineer or simply pull that back pull that back into the microscope and say, ‘What do I need to do right now to help me get where I wanna go?'”

Where to start when coaching an athlete; the ten pillars of peak performance (4:25).

Coaching players to navigate the process of stepping into the uncomfortable territory of introspection (8:24).

The first steps for entering the mental training space (12:56).

“There are two types of experience. There are what we call expensive experience and inexpensive experience. Expensive experience is, ‘I make the mistakes myself, and then I learn.’ Inexpensive experience is, ‘I have a mentor who’s made a ton of mistakes, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes and had a ton of teams that lost.’ For every team we talk about that wins a championship and every guy that gets drafted there’s ten that didn’t.”

Brian’s journey to becoming a renowned peak mental performance coach to athletes, coaches and, executives (15:45).

The athletic success that we can experience without training our minds (21:49).


Bridging the gap between hard work, grit, & determination and the joy that they can bring (26:15).

What being an Omni Athlete means to Brian (32:55).