Show Notes


Today’s guest is a licensed clinical psychologist, teacher, author of six books, and is a three-time TedX speaker.  He is the founder of The School of Love and the web series Therapist in the Wild. His work has been featured through prestigious growth-focused platforms like Integral Life and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.

He has conducted more than 55,000 therapy sessions during his 40+ year career and through the combination of surfing, tennis, and martial arts brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge, research, and wisdom to the role that love, healing, and intersubjective energies can have on the athletic experience. It is my pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete, the man who is on a mission to help us all love better through the creation of transformative healing systems and the growth of our shadow selves, Dr. Keith Witt.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

The role of love in athletic performance (2:08).

The implications of being a leader and at the same time being flawed (4:56).

“Now if I’m a coach, my job is to center myself out of that defensive state into a state of healthy response and to invite the person I’m working with back into a growth hierarchy.”

Emotional and psychological safety as it pertains to the Omni Athlete (10:13).

What shame & disgust looks like in the framework of the athletic experience (15:33).

“The parasympathetic shame emotion causes you to lose energy, lose strength, look down, your muscles up here get weak… It’s a disaster for an athlete to enter a shame state.”

An example of what it might look like to shift from disgust to engagement (19:30).

The challenge inherent in the duality of focus on the physical realm and cultivating an awareness of the inner mind (22:57).

“You can’t regulate stuff that you can’t be aware of. That’s why we practice mindfulness. That’s why everybody teaches it.”

Avoidance of the bully archetype & the victim archetype (27:04).

The relationship between love and grit (32:12).

Shattering the perception of love as a feminine emotion and point of weakness for athletes (36:07).

If we don’t embrace truth, we are manipulatable (39:35).

“In sports, deeper truth translates into success; it translates into achievement.”

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What it means to Keith to be an Omni Athlete (47:04).