Show Notes


Today’s guest is a coach to elite athletes during one of the most difficult transitions any human being can go through, retire. While he started this journey as a life coach four years ago, his use of distance Reiki and the positive impact it had on a client who just happened to be an elite swimmer preparing for the Olympics brought to the surface what would become one of his true callings: to help to transition athletes answer questions like, “Who am I without my sport?” and “Will I still be loved if I’m not a professional athlete anymore?” and so many more. Facilitating the processing of these questions and this radical reset for elite athletes is what he’s dedicated his life to ever since. It’s my pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete the coach and transition mentor to elite athletes across all sports, Stuart McConnell.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

What is contributing to the shift in focus towards coaching athletes as they transition from being an athlete to the next part of their life (2:15).

Why we as a society idolize elite athletes (3:42).

Sports as a distraction from everyday life (5:31).

What’s happening to the identity of the athlete when a culture surrounds them with such high expectations (7:18).

“They’re pinning their happiness on making it to this particular level, and then they get there, and they’re still unhappy.”

The emptiness an athlete feels after competing at a high level for years and then making the decision to retire (9:06).

The power an athlete has to shape conversations (9:53).

Where Stuart begins with athletes making the transition to retirement (11:15).

‘When the average person wakes up in the morning we just kind of get up and go; we do whatever there is to do. We don’t lay out our day.”

Self-care for transitioning athletes (14:29).

“Self-care is hugely important to the whole process because it’s essentially self-love.”

How to help someone to find their true identity (8:13).

Separating identity from life path (20:40).

The role sport plays in helping us to attain fulfillment (22:04).

The emotional baggage that can weigh an athlete down (27:57).

“You’re focusing on what you just did not what you’re going to do.”

The body language and environmental cues that can indicate an athlete’s baggage (30:24).

How to better train our intuition (31:27).

Motivators that push athletes to compete for the wrong reasons (36:10).

Processing the emotions brought on by beginning to understand the personal motivations that drive competitors (38:28).

Digging past the surface level of the body/mind connection (41:33).

What it means to Stuart to be an Omni Athlete (44:15).

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