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Today’s guest is the founder of Flowstate Collective, host of the Flowstate Performance podcast, strategic advisor to a range of purpose-driven businesses, and an athlete that draws power from balance and movement practices like surfing, Qigong, and yoga. Beginning with a chance encounter at a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan that introduced him to meditation with a two and a half hour meditation session, he has built a 15+ year practice rooted in connection, stillness, and nature. He’s played the part of a ski bum, English teacher, corporate suit, high achiever, surfer bum and entrepreneur along his journey, learning within the beauty, challenges, and energy of each role.

You could use terms like mindful questioner, consciousness hacker, and flow-junky to describe him, but to label him through a culturally conditioned lens would be to miss the point of his work entirely. He is on a mission to help anyone he comes in contact with achieve their next level of awareness and develop agency over what they absorb from their environment so that they too can find the peace, contentment, and flow they seek. It is my pleasure to welcome to Omni Athlete, the artist of flow, Jiro Taylor.


Today We’ll be Talking About:

The defining moments and lessons that have shaped Jiro in his life and work (2:41).

“I was brought up in a cult, basically. My mother is a Jehovah’s Witness. And I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and it was a full-on fanatical brainwashing process. My consciousness was constantly soaked in dogma and doctrine.”

The catalyst that sent Jiro down the path of rebellion from the Jehovah’s Witness (7:32).

The difference between feeling fear as a helpful response to the environment you’re in vs. being in a culture of fear (11:14).

“If you’re living in a culture of fear, the first thing I would say is, ‘Get out!'”

The threat of physical harm or death (17:22).

The process of approaching and breaking through the edge of fear as an athlete or a coach (22:33).

“Your ego has to die; you have to experience a death of that part of your ego that is holding you back.”

‘You can’t get to your best level of performance until you get to your next level of awareness (23:47).’

What happens when people re-organize their thoughts in a way that is fundamentally true to the individual (30:55).

“What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to express life-force.”

What happens to organizations from a cultural perspective when they start to chip away at their belief systems (32:52).

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What to do when you find yourself in a place in your life where you feel you don’t belong (41:33).

Realigning with a sense of harmony (45:58).

“One of the [most significant] parts of this path is learning how to honor. How to honor myself, how to honor this life that I live, how to honor this land that I live upon, how to honor this ancestry that I’m a part of, how to honor the future generations that are going to walk this earth ahead of me, how to honor all the teachers in my life who have shared wisdom with me, how to honor nature, the earth, and the universe.”

Gratitude as a state of being (50:00).

Shifting the focus from external validation to internal fulfillment (53:37).

Reframing a moment from a state of doing into a state of being (56:40).

“In meditations, I’m constantly training my sense of touch, my sense of sound, my sense of smell, my sense of taste, and then this sixth sense.”

How to bring the language of mindfulness into sport (1:05:56).

What it means to Jiro to be an Omni Athlete (48:20).

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