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Our guest today is a distinguished Texas physician, the author of 12 consciousness expanding books, the executive editor of the peer review journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, and in 2013 received the visionary award from the Integrated Healthcare Symposium. He has lectured all over the world at major medical schools and hospitals including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, The Universities of Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Texas, Florida, Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic to name a few. The impact of his work as a leader, synthesizer, and healer on the medical and scientific communities has lasted decades.

In 1989 he introduced the concept of non-local mind, which has since been adopted by many leading scientists as an emerging image of consciousness. He was the pioneering force behind the exploration of the role of religious practice and prayer in health; helping to catalyze the growth of U.S. medical schools with courses dedicated to this subject from three at the time of publishing his New York Times bestselling book Healing Words in 1993 to more than 90 today. Many of these courses utilize his works as textbooks. The praise for his books routinely features names like Deepak Chopra, Dean Radin, and Ken Wilber, which stands as a testament to his leadership at the growing and pioneering intersection of health, spirituality, science, and consciousness. All of these accolades merely serve as proof of his ability to help humanity chart the evolutionary step forward through love, connection and infinity that’s needed for our survival as a species. It is my pleasure to introduce to Omni Athlete Mr. Larry Dossey.

Today We’ll be Talking About:

“To Label Something is Not to Explain It” (3:00).

“I think one of the most mysterious things in all of the universe has to be consciousness. Nobody has ever adequately explained what consciousness is, and so we can deceive ourselves. We can use these terms as if we know their meaning, in order to understand something as tricky and complex as consciousness, you have to at some point turn off your smartphone, sit down, shut up and just be.”

The role that story, myth, and religion can play in giving us access to the One Mind (4:40).

Why there is so much resistance in today’s world towards concepts like the One Mind and collective consciousness (7:23).

“We’ve made a mess out of individuality. Even in sport [and] competition, there’s only one winner. I think that has given us the wrong message. I’m not against individuality and individual achievement, but I do think that individuality is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin has been sacrificed largely in our culture. If you look around at the problems we’re dealing with in our culture today, and indeed around the world, there’s just a fetish made of tribalism, of me against you, nationalism is rampant… we’re at each other’s throats over this fetish of individuality.”

The contrast between the modern pop-culture meaning of sacrifice vs. the true meaning of sacrifice (9:42).

The importance of language in opening ourselves up to different dimensions of experience (12:44).

Reluctance to embrace the unexplainable (13:38).

Uncommon ways of knowing (17:15).

“I’ve had communication from physicians who are embarrassed about what they know, but don’t know how to explain.”

Physicians’ Untold Stories by Scott J. Kolbaba MD

How Dr. Dossey gained the confidence to stand under the lights and say, “I know what I’m talking about. I know what I’ve experienced, and I know what the science says, regardless of what you’re trying to tell me.” (20:10)

“I knew in a heartbeat that the mind and consciousness had something to do with the way the my body worked… In just a few weeks or months I went from a materialistically, physiologically trained physician to someone who was willing to put my reputation on the line and talk about this research.”

The bridge from Epigenetics to One Mind (23:40).

The ability of humans and other life forms to function almost instantaneously in ways that are inexplicable in terms of the passage of energetic signals (25:08).

“There’s something unitary, instantaneous and boundless about consciousness. Whether we’re talking about human consciousness or consciousness with respect to non-humans.”

The challenge of coming to an understanding of what our human experience looks like through the lens of quantum physics vs. personal observation; experience vs. experiments (27:30).

“There is only one mind.” – Edwin Schrodinger

Admitting that extraordinary feats come from a higher place (31:33).

“One of the greatest contributions that the One Mind idea makes is that there’s a place you can go which doesn’t depend upon your neurons and your logic trains that can be greater than what you ever imagine.”

The lingering doom of death  (33:38).

“As a physician, I think that the fear of total annihilation  with physical death has caused more pain and suffering for human beings than all the physical diseases combined.”

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How sport can be a spiritual pursuit (39:30).

“I don’t think that the world looks very bright as long as we are engaged in an individually focused (I, me, mine) point of view. I think our salvation will be, if we’re going to survive on this planet, the understanding that can come through team participation in sports where your concept of yourself as an utter individual yields to something greater.”

The notion of empathy and love; the power of distance healing, belief and hope (42:15).

The shifts that need to be made to take the next step in terms of One Mind consciousness (46:35).

“We need to find ways to resuscitate our spirit, and to do that on a regular basis.”

The meaning and importance of the spiritual path (50:05).

What it means to Larry to be an Omni Athlete (52:34).

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