• ‘’Identity drives behavior that is who we are and who we want to be and try to live up to that.” [16:04]
  • ”The only thing of value that leaders do is create culture.’’ [20:02]
  • ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’’ [20:23]
  • ”You cannot change the reality but you can change your attitude.’’ [30:47]
  • ”It is important to keep your mind in the moment.’’ [35:27]
  • ‘’Mistakes are time machines.’’ [36:06]


  • Reasons why constructive criticism stigmatizes children more than adults. [5:20]
  • How entertainment has overshadowed the developmental culture in new sports causing a great divide. [10:02]
  • Why youth sports is critical in shaping the minds and hearts of the children [15:45]
  • Discussing the meaning of the slogan ‘better athletes better people’ [17:38]
  • What shapes young kids into what they become? [18:47]
  • How to bring in the communal aspect of the team when coaching young children. [21:02]
  • The importance of coaches and the team players having a connection. [25:53]
  • How attitude is a crucial aspect in coaching. [28:27]
  • A coach’s wining mentality is fatal to the team. [33:31]
  • How sports can be a tool and vital part of growth in education. [38:56]
  • Reasons sports should be considered to be more than an extra-curricular activity. [40:24]
  • How to find your own identity as an athlete[45:08]
  • How changing the culture in sports will help better the country [46:39]


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